Meet our Instructors!

Patricia Hammond - Weaving, Crochet

Pat is a weaver with 15 plus years of experience. Early in 1970 she saw a weaving demonstration and knew then she wanted to do that. Weaving was a new craft and looms were not readily available but she had a small lap loom made and used that for several years.  Her first real introduction to weaving was in 1998 when she was given a table loom and taught how to use it. As her interest grew she took classes at The Riverbend Art Center that was taught by members of the Miami Vallley Weavers Guild, of which she has been a member. She acquired her first floor loom in 1999 and has never looked back. She has experimented with many weaving styles and loves to try new techniques. She looks forward to teaching the art of weaving and helping others develop a passion for it.

Anna Fricker - Advanced Quilting and Long Arm Technique
Anna Fricker is an award winning quilter who is passionate about her craft.  She has been quilting for over 30 years. Anna loves discovering new techniques and passing that knowledge on to other quilters.

Mary Anna Robinson  Tatting, Hardanger Embroidery, Silk Ribbon Embroidery

A resident of Springfield, OH, Mary Anna has been tatting since age 19. She completed her Tatting Teacher's Certification with the Great Lakes Lace Group in Michigan and is the author of "The Tatting Stones". She is an active member of three Tatting Guilds and the International Old Lacers, Inc. (IOU). She enjoys learning new techniques, and revisiting old ones.  Mary Anna has demonstrated her art at The Fair at New Boston and The Crabill Homestead in Springfield, Ohio and many other heritage fairs and festivals in her area. She has taught classes and workshops in Montana, Virginia, Ohio and the 2017 Shuttlebirds Workshop in Idaho. She loves to attend tatting conferences whenever she is able. She holds basic shuttle and needle tatting classes regularly and most recently taught basic shuttle tatting at the Green County [OH] Public Library - Beavercreek Branch. Mary Anna can be found most Fridays at Crafters Lodge in Bellbrook, sitting in a comfortable chair, tatting, and waiting on new students.

Cyndi Parks  T-Shirt Quilts and Go! Cutter Club, Beginners Serger and Beginners Sewing Classes

Cyndi is the T-Shirt Quilt Class and Go! Cutter Club Instructor.   She’s been quilting for 6 years, starting with the semi-debacle that is her son’s band T-Shirt quilt. But Fear NOT! Not only did she learn lots from those mistakes, she is willing to share her solutions to them with YOU!
Come join Cyndi in learning, not only the “right” way to make a T-Shirt Quilt, but how to cut time cutting your fabric, in either of her two classes. The Go! Cutter Club meets on the last Monday of the month, and the T-Shirt Quilt Class is by appointment.  OR, if you really aren’t interested in doing it yourself, she does take commissions.  Business cards are available at the shop, just give her a call and leave a message.

Jo Beth Bryant    Machine Embroidery

Bio and picture coming soon

Therese Krupp    Knitting

Bio and picture coming soon